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Whether you wish to improve your driving in all weather conditions or increase your confidence with night driving, our Pass Plus courses can help you. Equally, we can improve your driving skills on motorways and dual carriageways.

Improve your driving for all conditions

By improving your driving skills with our Pass Plus courses you can save money on car insurance premiums. By learning skills, such as driving in all weather conditions, insurers recognise your better driving abilities and are willing to offer lower quotes.

Save money on car insurance premiums

- Town driving

- Motorway and dual carriageways

- All-weather driving

- Night driving

- Save on car insurance

- Improve confidence


Enhance your skills for better driving abilities to be safer on the road. With our techniques, you can improve your confidence and awareness and reduce the chances of being involved in an accident.

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Improve a range of skills

Be safer on the road

With our professional driving tuition, you can enjoy cost-effective results. Whether you wish to save money on car insurance premiums with our Pass Plus courses or enjoy great offers on driving lessons at our driving school, contact us today for more details.

Cost-effective and professional driving tuition

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